Monday, 14 January 2013

Anwar dan REVOLUSI ala komunis

PAS diheret menjadi alat untuk capai matlamat seorang yang berangan jadi presiden

KL112: Is PR After A Revolution? 12012013

Some of the flyers, do the demonstrators understand the meaning of these flyers? (Picture from The Flying Kick)

These are some of the flyers that was reportedly found around the Masjid Negara (National Mosque), a favourite meeting spot for PR’s demontrators.

One of the flyers says, “Justice For Chin Peng”; let us see:

Chin Peng was a long-time leader of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) who fought against the government in an attempt to replace the Malaysian elected government with a Communist Regime.

the MCP killed a lot of innocent people and cause a lot of trouble to the Malaysian government and the people.

Does this flyer means that the organiser of the KL112 Demonstration supports the Communist leader, Chin Peng?

So, they support Communism?

And what do they mean by asking for, ‘Justice For Chin Peng’ whom Malaysians regard as an evil enemy?

And what kind of justice are they asking for Chin Peng?

Are they after a revolution? (Picture from P B)

The picture above shows another flyer that says, “The Time Has Come … Revolusi ’47″.
Revolusi is a Malay word for revolution.

Does ’47 means 1947?

And does it has something to do with the history of Indonesian Independence?
So, are they after a revolution to:

change the government; which means they do not belive in a democratic system of a proper General Election?

change the Flag; (Please read, A New Malaysian Flag – A Sign Of PR’s Revolution?)

change the System with an upside down picture of the Malaysian Royal Headgear; meaning they do not want the King.

A new government without the king with a new flag?
Does it mean that they want a revolution to change this country into a Republic?
Or worse, are they after a Communist State?

One of PKR’s popular student leader and an important person in PKR’s demonstrations; I wonder why did he wear that cap? (Picture from RBF Online)


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